Up, up and away!  This cute little guy will make you smile whenever you see him pedaling his way through the clouds.  Just click on the picture for the pdf download. 

Use this any way you like- as wall art, greeting cards, or wrapping paper.


Brass Deer Family
Big Buck $2.50, Mama Doe & Baby $2.00

Sure, they don't really match, but what family does?  Mama deer, Papa deer, and Bambi in tow makes for an adorable table vignette at Christmas.  Or all the time. 


Hollywood Regency Round Mirror

This is one of my favorite finds.  Not just because its beautiful plaster on wood design is simple enough to please my architect husband but pretty enough that it belongs in our 100 year old house, but because it was one of the things that we found while we were honeymooning.  Yes, we're old people and love to "just drive around" and go antiqueing instead of to the Bahamas or wherever people our age go on vacations.  So, every time that I look at this beauty, I think of our little road trip to the beautiful hills of Wisconsin and I'm still cruising around with the windows down; our hair blowing in the autumn wind; our junker SUV filled to capacity with treasures.  And that's the beauty of buying things from a thrift store, garage sale, or goodwill- it's got a life of it's own and the ability to take you to a happy place just by being around it.


Antique Print Floral Wallpaper
scored it for: $2.00
Hello, gorgeous!  These pictures don't quite do the richness of this wallpaper justice. It's actually a really rich, deep, rust red background.  I found this at the local re-store, along with some other wallpaper rolls.  The other two I found (a Christmas-y plaid and a modern red on white pattern) are destined to become wrapping paper.  Thrift store wallpaper that's too ugly or too small of a quantity for decor can have a second life as wrapping paper.  Plus, at $2.00 or so for a huge roll, you're saving an arm and a leg on wrapping paper!


This cute little guy would be perfect on a nursery wall, on your phone background, or printed out as a greeting card. 

Well, you can pretty much use him for anything you want, just please don't use him for profit- since he's free and should stay that way.  Happy Friday!


Runzas: you'll only know of them if you grew up around Nebraska or- sorry Nebraska- had the misfortune to have to drive through it the long way on the way to Colorado.  They're bread wrapped around meat and cheese and baked until the bread is crusty and the cheese is melty.  Ahh, sometimes it's the simple things in life.

I must warn you ahead of time, I didn't make the bread dough for these.  Cookies, bring 'em on; homemade tortillas, lemme at 'em; but baking bread I just can't get myself to do.  They're actually super inexpensive frozen dinner rolls.  But, if you're like my amazingly talented photographer/mother-of-three-amazing-kids/excellent baker sister, feel free to tackle the homemade bread section with gusto and sticky dough fingers!

Another disclosure: these aren't meant to be just like Runzas, which I think can be a little too salty and soggy sometimes.  These are my own version that are a little lighter on their feet, which just so happen to be deliciously crusty and buttery buns.  Oh, and feel free to add vegetables to these, but, let's be honest, when you're stuffing meat and cheese in to buns and then likely dipping those in ketchup or ranch dressing later, the vegetables aren't really necessary.